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Can I run COBRA on my own PC?

COBRA can be installed on every PC running Windows 7, Vista, or XP. 32- and 64-bit platforms are supported. A minimal configuration PC is dual core 2 GB RAM.

How long will it take to reconstruct a 3D image?

Image reconstruction time depends on a number of factors: processor speed, processor-memory bandwidth, hard disk speed; it scales with the number of incoming projections, and roughly with the number of voxels in the output volume. Options to enhance image quality will add further computation. As a rule thumb, one can take the following benchmark.
CPU: Intel quad-core i7 / 2.4+ GHz . RAM: 6 GB . GPU: nVIDIA Geforce GTX480 OS: Windows7 64 bit
The reconstruction task
360 input views 512x512 > 512x512x512 volume:
18- 22 sec total time.

What is the difference between demo and commercial (licensed) Cobra?

The differences between free vs. commercial (purchased) Cobra are described in the User Manual, Part 1, #2.
They are
        Slices (output volumetric data) contain a word EXXIM;
        Correction algorithms CFA and SAMARA are not available;
        When COBRA GUI is running in High-Definition visualization mode a user is observing semitransparent marks with Demo-Mode letters on a visualization screen

So basically a free license allows evaluating almost entire functionality of Cobra (including cluster solutions, SDK, full-functional visualization), which covers 95% of customer needs. You may make your mind about a quality and performance of reconstruction and visualization. But output images will be marked (so barely usable for making diagnosis/deep research or publish them in reports).

I have a complete set of Cobra executable files. What should I do to make Cobra work properly? What if I want to keep two sets of Cobra files residing in different folders and corresponding to different Cobra versions? How to install (uninstall) COBRA manually?

In the folder where Cobra resides there are two batch files 0_remove_cobra6.bat and 0_install_cobra6.bat. To register Cobra in Windows please run these files residing in the desired directory starting with 0_remove_cobra6.bat.