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How can I get a price list? How can I buy a license for COBRA?

Please contact sales@exxim-cc.com or call Exxim at (925)416-1900.

What support do I get from Exxim?

In addition to the User's Guide and the Programmer's Manual, Exxim engineering will work with end users and OEM engineers to make integration simple and straightforward. Exxim provides dedicated maintenance services and upgrades.

Can I update Cobra to a new version and is it free?

Any Cobra update to a newer version is free in general. It means that all existing and purchased functionality is supported and free to update in upcoming versions. In the same time when Cobra comes in a new generation it usually gets a major new functionality. For example it was SDK for Cobra 2 (versus Cobra 1), cluster solutions (Cobra 3 versus Cobra 2), SAMARA (Cobra 4 versus Cobra 3), etc. The latest big update is an advanced visualization including volume rendering in Cobra 7. Some of those big changes are reflected in our price list as options that have to be bought for extra money. Particularly they are: SDK, cluster solutions, graphics acceleration support, and advanced visualization. So whatever functionality you bought it is supported in all ongoing versions and free to update. If some options were not purchased then they are not available for free in updates (you always can pay an exact price difference and have them). The setup package is totally the same for all available Cobra configurations (we invite you to visit our web site for the latest and greatest versions and fixes). We control a user access to options through a programmed (on our side) USB key.

Can I upgrade Cobra license (for example from the basic stand-alone to SDK)?

A license can be always upgraded at the nominal price difference, no matter how long ago the license had been purchased. So there is no risk, and upgrades are easy to handle.